Kids can now wear dresses with their own designs

Kids can now wear clothes with their own drawings. This is a website so called ‘Picture this clothing‘ which allows you to download the pattern, paint as you like, take a picture,¬†upload it and you’ll get at your doorsteps.

Jaimee Newberry the co-founder, to the media-“I think it’s so important for a child to not only have imagination and be encouraged to use it, but to see it come to life.”

Jaimee once had the creative idea to sew a dress for her two daughters out of their own drawings, “it’s seriously one of the most exciting things I’ve ever gotten to see,” says Jaimee.

She started the business with her friends,¬†“every minute today it seems like we are getting a new order.So, it’s a little bit bananas.”

The dresses are completely made in a nearby printing shop and are checked by Jaimee herself. But so far you can only choose one dress in different sizes.

“Focusing first and then with time, once we’ve got that down, we are sure of it, we would like to do some other things that boys might be more interested in. So kids, get ready, grab your crayons and make your own stuff!”

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