Apple Removed New York Times App in China

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Apple pulled the New York Times app from it’s store in China as per the Chinese government’s request. The New York Times websites have been blocked in China since 2012. Now the government has shut down one of the last few ways for Chinese readers to access the newspaper.

“The possible impact is that I can’t receive these news feeds in a timely manner, and I have to proactively bypass the firewall to get the information” – Says New York Times reader Xie Yujuan.

This comes at a time when New York Times was investigating possible corruption by some Chinese government officials. The app was reportedly removed based on regulations that prohibit ‘Endangering National Security’ and ‘Disrupting Social Order’. But Apple did not specify exactly what regulations were violated.

China is known for being strict on censorship, including international news, media and social media.

“Being able to provide services to it’s own citizens, I think, the Chinese government will continue to probably exercise more censorship on international media” –  says Hong Kong Legislative Councillor Charles Mok.


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