A Libyan Plane Was Hijacked And Diverted To Malta

An Afriqiyah Airways plane stands on the tarmac at Malta’s Luqa International airport as passengers depart, Friday, Dec. 23, 2016. Hijackers diverted the Libyan commercial plane to Malta on Friday and threatened to blow it up with hand grenades, Maltese authorities and state media said. (TVM via AP)

Two hijackers boarded a Libyan plane and threatened to blow it up. The plane, bound for Tripoli, was diverted to Malta where all 111 passengers have since been released, according to Maltese Prime Minister. Malta’s armed forces were negotiating with the hijackers who were seen waving a green flag. Implying their allegiance to Muammar Gadhafi. The hijackers reportedly surrendered after releasing the passengers. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the hijackers were armed with grenades but were not clear on their demands. An investigation is ongoing.

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